Ingersoll to launch global advertising campaign


Zeon watch brand Ingersoll will be running a global advertising campaign to support the launch of its new watch collection at Baselworld.

The campaign is titled ‘The True Original’ and was inspired by the era of photography of the same name during the 19th century. It uses tintype photography and was shot on location in Austin, Texas.

Lumiere, a travelling studio from Austin, was the company commissioned to craft a family of hand-made tintype portraits using only traditional 19th century processes, fitting for the period when Ingersoll began in 1892.


Using a 100-year-old lens mounted to a large format camera, the exposed image is formed by coating a large metal plate with a light sensitive film of silver iodides. After the image is developed in a ferrous sulphate solution, it begins to reveal itself. Finally, it’s put through fixer then varnished to result in a detailed photograph on a metal plate.

The full series of photographs will be available to view on the Ingersoll1892 website from 12 March 2016. The Ingersoll AW2016 collection will be available in official stockists from August 2016 and is priced between £195 and £325.


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