Ingersoll partners with Field Notes Brands to create a family of vintage notebooks

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Ingersoll, which is celebrating 125 years of watchmaking in 2017, has created a range of notebooks in collaboration with Field Notes Brands. 

Field Notes Brand has a history of producing agricultural memo books and ornate pocket ledgers, which have all been made obsolete in today’s digital era.

But its heritage remains, and is channeled into smartly-designed, vintage-styled pocket notebooks, manufactured wholly in the U.S.A.  All the paper and ink used is sourced from within the U.S.A.

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The Ingersoll special edition Field Notes notebook has been styled and created with Ingersoll’s distinctive heritage and vintage feel.

It features a pack of three notebooks, two with lined paper and one blank, created using the finest craft paper and wrapped in a sleeve featuring Ingersoll’s iconic tintype photography campaign.

They go on sale in April for £9.50 from the Ingersoll website.


A spokesperson for Ingersoll explains how the collaboration came about: “Ingersoll felt that it was the perfect brand to collaborate with on a notebook as we share the same product values and design aesthetic.  Notebooks are still very much, a desired and used item, even in the high tech world we live in.”

“We wanted to show that never ending love affair with the notebook and desire to write things down, very similar to the way traditional watches are gaining more and more momentum and demand even in the face of competition from the “smart, connected watch,” the company adds.

Ingersoll, which is owned by British watchmaker Zeon, says it will collaborate with other lifestyle brands to bring the brand and design aesthetic into other product areas to offer our customers an extension of that style and allow them to incorporate it into their lifestyle across other products.

“Our aim is always to collaborate and partner with other brands that offer the most premium and uniquely desirable products within their specialised area … adding value to our product and brand proposition,” the company spokesperson says.

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