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Ingersoll highlights its true American heritage


2018 is shaping up to be a big year for Ingersoll. The American watch brand, now owned by wholesaler and watch designer Zeon, is dramatically ramping-up its presence in the United States by signing Time to handle distribution in North America.

Ingersoll can trace its American heritage back to 1892, when the original Ingersoll Watch Company was founded by Robert H Ingersoll and his brother Charles. The New York-based business had a simple goal, but one that was technically and commercially difficult to achieve at the time: to offer Ingersoll watches to the general public at an affordable price, whilst maintaining real quality and credibility.

The breakthrough for the business came when the brothers studied the production line method pioneered by Henry Ford, which they used to make pocket watches and wristwatches that sold for one dollar, around the average daily wage at that time. Ingersoll timepieces became known as dollar watches, and over one million were sold.


Ingersoll watches have been sold continuously since their inception and today the Ingersoll brand is renowned the world over for its American styling and affordable luxury positioning. Today the brand prides itself upon creating quality product with sincere brand values and is known for its luxurious skeleton and open-heart movements backed up with a lifetime warranty.

The distribution deal with Timex is a throwback to the early 20th century when Westbury Clock Company, a business that morphed into the present day Timex Group, made watches for Ingersoll. “The partnership with Timex Group is a new and exciting chapter in the modern history of the Ingersoll brand” says Simon Gilham, President of Zeon U.S. Inc. “Our expectations for this partnership are high. We want to ensure that Ingersoll re-establishes itself as the watch of choice for consumers looking for uniquely designed, quality timepieces.”

Timex Group, one of the world’s largest watch companies, will use its vast sales and marketing network within those territories to continue the great momentum generated by the Ingersoll brand since it’s re-launch by Zeon at Baselworld back in 2016.

Silvio Leonardi, Timex Boutique Sr Vice President adds, “Ingersoll and Timex both were born out of the Waterbury Clock Company more than 160 years ago, so for us partnering to distribute Ingersoll watches is a natural extension of our shared values and history. With this announcement we celebrate our heritage and the craftsmanship and quality that are part of both brands’ DNA.”

This year’s autumn/winter promotion of Ingersoll is based on a photo shoot that took place in New York using the historic Tin Type style that emphasizes the brand’s long historic heritage. The watch shown is The Triumph, which launches this month. It has an open heart automatic movement with 40 hours power reserve and date function.



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