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IN VIDEO: Weiss talks Los Angeles watchmaking


Watchmaker Cameron Weiss aims to bring the manufacture of watches back to American soil after the pioneering industry crumbled in the mid-20th Century and then disappeared altogether.

Weiss Watch Company- An Introduction from Weiss Watch Company on Vimeo.



Weiss, who has trained at both Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin, currently claims to offer the only watches to feature both dials and cases made in the US – Shinola produces its straps and dials.

In future he aims to produce every component, barring springs, in Los Angeles, the city that features on dials produced by Weiss Watch Company. Weiss has developed the working mechanical movement prototype that he is determined to manufacture in LA.
Weiss launched his brand in the Autumn and is currently stocked in department store Barneys and at 15 other retailers where it continues to sell out.

RGM Watch Company resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvannia, the former home of Hamilton and claims that around 20 percent of the 250 watches it produces annually feature in-house movements. Including the sublimely named Pennsylvannia Toubillon. Kobold was founded in 1998 and also produces watches in the US.


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