IN VIDEO: Two robbers shot as Elite Fine Jewelry owner defends his store


Staff at Elite Fine Jewelry in Pembroke Pines, Fl, were unhurt when two men were shot after trying to smash their way into watch and jewelry cabinets.

The incident took place last Friday inside the Pembroke Lakes Mall.

Eric Abramson, a captain with the Pembroke Pines Police Department, said both men had been shot and received first aid at the scene before being taken into custody.


Elite Fine Jewelry told local reporters that it did not want anybody involved in the incident to be named and confirmed that no staff were injured.

None of the staff is facing any criminal charges.


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  1. Welcome to Florida !
    This is a sad story where thankfully nobody lost their life. Florida is a state where you have the right to shoot to defend yourself in case of any kind of danger. These robbers were a bunch of idiots thinking that this shop wouldn’t be armed …


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