IN PICS: Linde Werdelin to sell 10th Anniversary watch by invitation only


Ten years after launching their eponymous watch brand Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin have released a new design with 192 examples being sold by invitation only.

The LW 10-24 is a GMT watch and will be offered with 96 pieces in gold and 96 pieces  in 3DTP Carbon.

Since launching its Founders Watch debut in 2006, Linde Werdelin has sold some 4,500 timepieces over 73 different series.

The newly designed case features the Frogman luminent system that featured in the military exclusive, Oktopus  Frogman model.

The second timezone of the LW 10-24 can be advanced in one-hour increments with single pushes of the crown with additionally clicks also controlling the integrated AM/PM indicator.

Serial  numbers  can  be  requested  but  will  be  made  available  only  on  a  first-come,  first-serve basis. Linde Werdelin will  close its order book on 31st July 2016 with delivery expected in Q2 2017. It is possible to request an invitation by visiting the brand’s homepage and clicking the dedicated LW 10-24 banner.



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