IN PICS: CT Scuderia revs up for UK watch market


Dubai-based motorcycle-obsessed watch brand CT Scuderia is set to make a push for the UK watch market with its Italian design flair.

The CT Scuderia Café Racer collection features a series of lines which focus on a detachable watch head concept and various aspects of classic motorcycle design. CT stands for Conta Tempo or Counting Time.

Designed by third generation Italian watchmaker and brand founder, Enrico Margaritelli, CT Scuderia watches range in price from £745-£2,250. The brand is distributed within the UK by watch distributor Classic Time and is available from Jura Watches among others.

Following a career in watch sales, Margaritelli previously established watch brands Soviet and Glam Rock.

CT Scuderia watches are Swiss made and use leather straps made in Switzerland from Italian-sourced hides.



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