Tuesday, July 27, 2021



THE BIG INTERVIEW: Betteridge dynasty adapts to shifting demographics

“My grandfather’s dying words were: “stay away from watches”,” recalls CEO Terry Betteridge during a conversation with about the past, present and future of the family firm.

Will we ever meet again in Switzerland?

Robin Swithinbank investigates whether Swiss megafairs will ever again have the strength and stature to attract tens of thousands of visitors from around the world, or will more focused in-country events and digital showcases take their place?

IN DEPTH: Grand Seiko’s remarkable USA growth story

60 years after Seiko's creation of Grand Seiko, and just a decade after it was launched outside its native Japan, the brand has overtaken some of Switzerland’s most famous and venerable luxury watchmakers to break into and climb the top 10 marques in the United States.

SPECIAL REPORT: Garmin watches get smarter, sportier and more lux

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly sophisticated from a technical point of view, and also raising their games to levels of luxury typically associated with the Swiss.


Seiko’s watchmaking journey has seen its dive watches conquering the highest peaks of Alaska and Asia, the frozen beauty of Antarctica and the deepest oceans of the Pacific Ocean.

THE BIG INTERVIEW: Burdeen’s bounces back after covid and Chicago riots

Just weeks after reopening following last year's covid lock down, downtown Chicago erupted as protests over the death of George Floyd turned violent and boutiques were looted. Far from retreating in the face of a year from hell, Burdeen's saw opportunity in the chaos.

Seiko fires the starting gun on its 140th anniversary year

Japanese watchmaker kicks off the celebration with a slew of Presage dive watches, a fresh Astron and a refined Presage.

CTE Watch Company cruises into calmer waters

Florida-based CTE Watch Company had to adapt quickly after the pandemic shut down most of the Caribbean travel industry that the distributor supplies.

THE BIG INTERVIEW: WatchPro meets A Collected Man

Silas Walton, still in his mid-twenties at the time, spotted an opportunity seven years ago to become a de-facto authorized dealer for super-scarce pre-owned watches from the likes of Roger Smith, Kari Voutilainen and Philippe Dufour. His company, A Collected Man, now generates annual sales of around $20 million trading these watches with collectors all over the world.

Ready Player One? First Swiss watchmakers shift promotions into eSports and...

500 million people are tuning in to watch gamers competing in eSports and playing Fortnite, FIFA and Call of Duty. That is an audience watch brands cannot ignore.