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IN FOCUS: CRM Jewelers in Miami


Located in Miami, Florida, CRM Jewelers is a high-end watch store that carries a prestigious stable of watch brands, including Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe.

Founded by watch connoisseur Carlos Marcelin Jr., the business builds on the principles that Mr Marcelin Jr. learnt at his father’s jewelry and vintage watch business in Havana. It was back then that his passion for horology was ignited.

CRM Jewelers prides itself on its customer service, educating and encouraging its clients to think like an investor. This helps to explain how its customer-base is spread out over more than 170 countries worldwide.


The company understands the importance of staying current and relevant with its methods of communication and marketing, which is why it has such a significant following across its social media platforms. Such has been its growth on social media that CRM Jewelers today boasts almost a million followers combined on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook alone.

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