Ice Watch launches refined collection featuring mother of pearl


Ice Watch has launched a new refined collection, which uses nacre, a material often used in the dials of luxury watches.

Also known as mother of pearl, Ice Watch says that the material requires a “specific savoir-faire” and that it is ensuring greater access to it with the new collection.

According to the brand, every dial is unique and precious, because of the constantly changing iridescence of the nacre: with a pink, blue or milky glow, depending on the light and how you look at it.


The collection combines mother-of-pearl with the sleek design, iconic rounded shapes and flexible strap of the Ice model.

Ice says that the watch “pulls together any outfit, whether you’re wearing a suit, jeans or a party dress.”

It comes in three sizes (medium, small and mini) and four smart fashion colours (white, stormy grey, night blue and blush pink.)

Every inlay or dial is superimposed over a coloured underlay, adding a different shade because the nacre is transparent.

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