Ice Watch advances from playful to glamorous for its AW18 collection and campain


Excessively hot and dizzyingly glamorous are not the sort of descriptions most people would have associated with Ice Watch in its explosive first few years when its playful silicon watches took the market by storm.

But after a quiet period, the Belgian watch business is back with a sizzling promotion with its Ice Glam Red collections.

The watches, which come in 34mm or 40mm versions, are part of a fresh manifesto at Ice, which is urging customers (and retail partners) to be bold, daring and self-confident.


“With the ICE Glam Red, the chromatic fire ignites, explodes and pulverises expressionless shades. This watch will set your entire wardrobe on fire. It acts as a flaming torch wrapped around the wrist that injects your outfit with colour,” the company says with measured restraint.


Dialing up the rhetoric, Ice continues: “This beautiful she-devil is conducive to a total look and serves to set off shades under its influence: brown, grey, black, white. She’s a hot tip for women who want a beautiful way to set their look on fire.”

The watches, both targeted predominately at ladies, retail for around $100.



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