HYT’s flagship Skull model is slimming down for spring


HYT’s hefty and unusual Skull collection is slimming down for its newest spring range.

HYT is a watch brand that uses both traditional mechanical watchmaking and modern hydro technology to display time. The brand claims that the complexity of its pieces boarders on nanotechnology.

Saying HYT is slimming down might give the wrong impression, the two new watches clock in at 48mm, making them larger than almost any other piece in the Swiss market, however it’s still less than the previous 51mm.


The case for the first version of the Skull is made from 5N pink gold. The hours are indicated on the outer bezel using the fluid technique the brand is known for. The external dial boasts a grained effect thanks to its microblasted treatment. The strap is made from matte black alligator. The second version of the Skull, made from pink gold also and black DLC titanium, features an external dial treated with an anthracite grey galvanised coating. The cognac-coloured patinated leather strap, with a rubber core, comes with a matching cuff.

Both pieces house within its Skull the HYT calibre, of which accounts for the black fluid that travels around the tubing to tell the time. The watches also both sport a power reserve indicator in the skull’s left eye socket and seconds display in the right.

Each timepiece is limited to a production of 50.

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