HYT releases teaser video for new launch H2


HYT has released a video teaser of the new watch that it will launch at BaselWorld later this month, which you can watch below.

The brand released its H1 last year, a mechanical watch that is powered by liquid, and is set to launch the H2 at BaselWorld.

While the H1 was developed in partnership with Jean-François Mojon of Chronode, the H2 has is the production of a collaboration with AP Renaud & Papi.


The titanium H2 has an exhibition caseback and a new development is a fully skeletonised dial. It has a jumping hand at 30 minutes, crown position indicator and temperature indicator – the watch needs ambient temperatures to deliver accurate timekeeping as the hours are measured by the rising of the flourescent fluid.

The science behind the H2 remains similar to that of the H1. It has two reservoirs filled with liquids – one fluorescent, one transparent – containing molecules that repel, meaning there is a consistent boundary between the two.

As one reservoir compresses the other expands, resulting in the movement of the liquid in a capillary that surrounds the dial. As the hours tick by the fluorescent liquid advances until it hits six o’clock, when the fluorescent liquid returns back to its original position.

The reservoirs are driven by two pistons which is where the watchmaking element of the timepiece comes into play. The mechanical movement is situated in the upper part of the watch, and propels a cam, which pushes the piston and activates the bellows at five and seven o’clock.

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