HYT plunges latest Ghost timepiece into blackness


HYT, the Hydro Mechanical Horologists, produces watches based on the principle of pressurised fluid being pushed around a dial to show the passage of time.

The company’s latest model, the H1 Ghost, works on the same principal, except the fluids this time is black.

The opaque black fluid, which neither absorbs nor emits light, has been developed by Preciflex, a sister company to HYT.


The black fluid is forced around the dial in a circular capillary, and makes the hours easily readable against a luminous white background. This is particularly effective in the dark, when the Super-LumiNova material releases light that it has absorbed.

“Light and darkness are constantly in contrast,” the company explains.

The minute hand is black with a luminescent dot at the end, so it can also be read in light and dark.

The 48.8mm cased H1 Ghost is water resistant to 100 metres and will be limited to just 50 pieces.


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