HYT gives itself a fortnight to sell ten super-luminous Moon Runner for CHF 130,000 each


HYT says it is approaching a new frontier of luminescence with the launch of the Moon Runner White Neon, a limited edition of just 10 pieces.

The watch uses the latest generation of SuperLuminova with a new hyper luminescent case made from ceramic and a new luminescent material called Tec Light.

All the major elements of the dial — a central moon phase, hands and numerals for hours, minutes, date and month — have all been given the maximum luminescent treatment that glows bluish white, even during daylight.


“Can a watch be beautiful in the dark? This new Moon Runner White Neon was designed to meet a major challenge: to offer a watch that is as attractive and interesting in the dark as it is in the light. To achieve this, it has incorporated the power of hyper-light sources from outer space into its design,” says Davide Cerrato, CEO and creative director of HYT.

The 48mm watch is said to have been inspired by black holes, neutron stars and pulsars in space in the way it contrasts its luminescence and ultra-dark elements.

HYT’s signature capillary, which tells the time as fluid is pumped into it, uses black liquid for the first time.

The watch is only being sold online by HYT between July 15 and August 1, with a selling price of CHF 130,000.

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