Husband and wife watch duo enters bespoke market with recreation project


Husband and wife watchmaking team, Craig and Rebecca Struthers, are tackling the bespoke market with their latest edition, Struthers Kullberg.

The Struthers founded their business, Struthers London, in 2013, with a background in vintage and antique restoration, beginning with recommissioning thousands of historic watch movements rescued from the bullion industry that they have collected over their careers.

For their latest project, the team chose a rare high-grade English movement with free-sprung balance, fusee and power reserve by celebrated London-based Swedish watchmaker Victor Kullberg in around 1880.

The movement was salvaged after its original case was scrapped for its gold. Badly damaged and missing a number of components, the Struthers managed to locate a complete example at the British Museum which they studied as reference to recreate the missing parts.

The Struthers re-made the modified components of the watch, storing the original parts, including the top plate and dial, in a secret compartment within its case.

Every detail of the watch has been tailored to the requests of their client including the left hand wind set up.

At 50mm in diameter, this is the largest Struthers watch yet and a stark contrast to their smallest watch, The Kelso, which measures a petite 20mm.

The box, loosely based around a shotgun case, was crafted in the Cotswolds by furniture designer Howard Butler from walnut, oak and maple. Multiple hidden compartments contain two additional interchangeable straps, spare screws and screwdriver, a UBS containing the history of the watch and over 130 photographs of the build process.

Having to rebuild such a significant part of this movement was one of the key driving factors behind the Struthers decision to start creating their first in-house calibre, Project 248, which is scheduled for completion in 2018.



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