Hublot upgrades four times over with the MECA-10 manufacture


Hublot has upgraded its MECA-10 four times over, taking it from a watch, to a timepiece that inspired a clock.

Working together with the Jura-based L’Epée manufacture, Hublot has produced an oversized version of its famous MECA-10 manufacture movement for use in a table clock.

Hublot says it’s unveiling of the MECA-10 movement in January 2016 left watch enthusiasts stunned.


It explained how the manufacture had reinvented the manual movement, offering peerless performance as well as a unique style inspired by the Meccano construction system.

In 2020, Hublot has introduced a unique product in an oversized version. The MECA-10 has been made four times larger for use in a table clock, while fully preserving its original specifications, including its 10-day power reserve.

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, explained: “We have managed to reproduce the unique features of our MECA-10 movement on a larger scale.

“This feat of engineering was achieved thanks to the concerted effort of the teams from both Hublot and L’Epée. In this way, we are charting a new course for the hallowed tradition of clockmaking.”

In order to enlarge its MECA-10 movement, Hublot enlisted the services of the L’Epée manufacture.

The world-renowned clockmaking expertise of this Jura-based company made it a natural choice for the collaboration, and because designing a wristwatch is very different to creating a clock, it also gave Hublot an opportunity to showcase its famous “Art of Fusion” approach in a new branch of horology.

This particularly impressive result was achieved by combining the expertise of the designers, constructors and master horologists at Hublot and L’Epée.

Strikingly similar to the original, the Hublot MECA-10 Clock is, in essence, an oversized version of its predecessor.

Its spacious 19.60 by 18.10 cm case houses the precious movement, which comes in two versions.

The first features Meccano-inspired angles and a ring in polished satin-finished steel and transparent composite.

The second is covered with black PVD and the bridges supporting the gear trains are also coated in black. The notched crown at 3 o’clock is rubber-coated for a better grip when manually winding the movement.

Like the wristwatch version from which it takes its inspiration, the MECA-10 clock movement features a 10-day power reserve which is displayed on an indicator at 6 o’clock.

These two precious editions of the MECA-10 Clock, the fruit of a close collaboration between Hublot and L’Epée, are exclusive limited edition pieces.

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