Hublot unveils ‘How to become a champion’ campaign ahead of soccer World Cup


Hublot is using its official timekeeper status for this summer’s soccer World Cup as a platform to inspire a generation of champions.

The watchmaker is using brand ambassadors Pelé, Maradona, Jose Mourinho and Usain Bolt to talk about “How to become a champion!” in its video and visual marketing.

The campaign is brought to life through 13 visuals of football legends combined with motivational quotes.


“I believe that there is no finer accomplishment for a brand than to rally its friends and ambassadors around a project that conveys positive and inspiring values,” says Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.



“The power of the portraits, the intensity of the words, and the charisma of the personalities all combine to make this a truly fine campaign. For us, football is first and foremost a magnificent means of communicating values and this campaign serves not only to pay tribute to the talents, to transmit the desire to play and the desire to achieve one’s dreams, but also to send a message of hope and solidarity,” he adds.



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