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Hublot resolves long-running legal dispute with celebrity jeweler


Hublot of America and Solid 21 have announced that they have fully resolved all disputes between each other.

Hublot has said it recognizes that Solid 21 has a registration with the US Patent and Trademark Office on the use of ‘Red Gold’ as a trademark in connection with watches and jewelry.

The dispute dates back over eight years when watchmaker Chris Aire and his company Solid 21, sued Hublot and LVMH for using its trademark ‘Red Gold’ labelling.


Hublot began to use the ‘Red Gold’ reference in 2005, but Aire argued that his company had been using term ‘Red Gold’ since 1989, and said it was a trademarked product.

After a long running issue, in March last year the US courts announced that ‘Red Gold’ was not a generic reference and that Aire and his brand had won the case.

Following the news that Hublot and Solid 21 have finally resolved the issue, both companies said they would not make any further comment on the matter.

Solid 21 products are popular among celebrities in the US with the likes of 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake and Will Smith have all been spotted wearing the brand in the past.


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