Hublot reaches out to customers via its Digital Boutique


The current healthcare emergency has forced Hublot to close its boutiques and manufacture until further notice in an effort to protect its employees, customers, and their families.

But help is at hand for customers desperate to see the latest models thanks to the brand’s Digital Boutique, which was first launched in 2018 and has been upgraded continuously.

Its aim is to bring a boutique experience into customers’ living rooms through face-to-face video meetings with Hublot consultants who can demonstrate watches in every detail.


The process starts by booking a consultation online for a Skype or Facetime meeting.

Hublot’s advisors, all of whom are from the company’s Manhattan flagship, are working from home, but the entire Digital Boutique experience can be handled from anywhere they have a computer and broadband.

What could be better than talking to an expert about a passion for luxury watches while being shown close-up 3D renderings of Hublot models?

If a customer agrees to buy a watch, the transaction can be done within the Digital Boutique and the piece will be dispatched securely to their home.

“Because we move with the times and anticipate our customers’ needs, because we know that the purchase of a product as emotional as a watch is driven by various stimuli, because we consider our customers to be friends and because the acquisition of a Hublot watch is like a journey with different stopovers, we have created a virtual boutique. It enables our customers to remotely contact our sales advisors, who can respond to their needs and to their questions in real time and offer a bespoke service. Our availability and our willingness to be there for our customers is a way of showing them that we care about them as individuals. The relationship of trust that we have developed with them can now start, in a virtual manner, and continue in a real manner, without any constraint on time or place. It is the Hublot experience, the very experience that builds relationships,” Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot’s CEO, said at the time of the Digital Boutique’s launch.


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