Hublot opens month-long exhibition at Harrods


Hublot unveiled a major exhibition at Harrods last night that will run throughout the month of October.

The showcase is on the ground floor on the corner of Brompton Road and Hans Road, and includes around a quarter of the Harrods windows and frontage to the main Knightsbridge thoroughfare.

It incorporates a Ferrari within the presentation, highlighting the association between Hublot and the Italian supercar maker.

Some rare limited editions have been secured for the exhibition, including the Spirit of Big Bang Sapphire, a watch that is limited to just 250 pieces worldwide.


The exhibition comes at a good time for Hublot as its Harrods boutique in the Fine Watch Room is currently surrounded by construction hoardings while the department store works to double the size of its luxury watch retail space.

Hublot’s ground floor boutique in the Harrods Fine Watch Room remains open, but is surrounded by hoardings for construction work.

The new Fine Watch Room will occupy two floors, connected by a dramatic spiral staircase.

Hublot’s boutique will move from the ground floor to the lower ground floor, a move that the company’s CEO Riciardo Guadalupe told WatchPro would not have been his first choice. “Of course, I would love to be [on the ground floor] but that is part of the business. Sometimes you can see things change because choices are made that are not the right choices. We will prove that we will be successful and do good business,” he said.

Staff at the opening of the Hublot exhibition at Harrods said they expected the lower ground floor boutique to open on or around November 23, but Harrods would not officially confirm this date.



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