Hublot heads for the regions from new UK office


Hublot says it will increase brand awareness and sales now that it has taken back control of its UK distribution from Time Products.

The LVMH brand praised the work of Time Products, but suggests that it can take Hublot to a new level now that it has its own UK subsidiary.

“Now that Hublot is fully involved in the market, we do believe that we can gain brand awareness and increase our sales thanks to a new distribution strategy and a marketing policy in line with the international one,” said Benoit Lecigne, Hublot’s brand director for France, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK and Ireland.


Speaking exclusively to WatchPro in an interview that appears in the May edition of the magazine, Lecigne suggests that the UK has huge growth potential thanks to its aspirational population. “The United Kingdom and Ireland is a key market for all the watch brands. Why? Because the luxury consumption is clearly less inhibited than in other European countries. Success is encouraged and people do not fear being negatively judged by their belongings,” he said.

The UK is a key market for wealthy tourist buyers, but Lecigne is convinced that the British are just as important to Hublot. “We have created a subsidiary not only to target our touristic customers but also, and above all, to gain market share within the English and Irish clientele. We already have some action plans for other regions such as Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Midlands,” he explained.

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