Hublot expects to be fully operational by July 1 in North America


Hublot North America closed its offices, stores and distribution in mid-March, and is only now returning to a semblance of normality.

Towards the end of May, around one-third of its North American network had reopened as State governors relaxed lock down rules.

That staged return was interrupted by looting that took place around the George Floyd-related protests, but retail has been gradually reopening since under strict CDC guidelines, according to Hublot North America President Jean-François Sberro in an interview with Haute Time.


“Despite the very sharp decline in business, Hublot North America maintained 100% of the salaries for all employees during the whole duration of the crisis,” he reveals.

Hublot recently announced that it will be launching a fully transactional ecommerce site, and Mr Sberro says that the shift to online selling gained pace during the pandemic.

“We were working on an e-commerce website before the Covid crisis and this episode has pushed us to speed up our project. The digital world is gaining more ground every year and we obviously want to make sure that our company embraces this evolution.

“Our e-commerce website is the latest pillar of our distribution network and will definitely complement our network of physical stores and multi-brand points of sales, as well as our digital boutique, which launched in 2018. These different tools will allow us to follow our customers wherever they are on our continent and whatever their needs of the moment may be,” he tells Haute Time.

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