Hublot boots up digital boutique at Manhattan flagship


LVMH watchmaker Hublot has married two key aspects of retail in a bid to offer a customer service that reflects its clients’ needs.

The brand has launched the Hublot Digital Boutique, an online-based digital store, in its New York 5th Avenue flagship store.

The client chooses the closest boutique and is either connected in real time with a manager at the chosen Boutique or schedules an appointment for a later date. Via FaceTime or Skype, the client makes contact with one of the sales advisers in the boutique in the closest town.


The move to marry digital capabilities with its physical retail presence was made to align Hublot with its customers’ demands.

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO Hublot, said: “Because we move with the times and anticipate our customers’ needs, because we know that the purchase of a product as emotional as a watch is driven by various stimuli, because we consider our customers to be friends and because the acquisition of a Hublot watch is like a journey with different stopovers, we have created a virtual boutique, which enables our customers to remotely contact our sales advisors, who can respond to their needs and to their questions in real time and offer a bespoke service.

“Our availability and our willingness to be there for our customers is a way of showing them that we care about them as individuals. The relationship of trust that we have developed with them can now start, in a virtual manner, and continue in a real manner, without any constraint on time or place. It is the Hublot experience, the very experience that builds relationships.”

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