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HOT 100 2014

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HOT 100 2014: Jonathan Hedges, GfK

The watch division at retail analyst GfK is thriving, something that Jonathan Hedges, the man central to its development and success, says is impressive...

HOT 100 2014: Matthew Humphries, MHDW

The responsibility for the chief designer of Morgan Motor Company is to distil over a century of prestigious automotive history into every curve and...

HOT 100 2014: Christian Danneman, The Watch Guy

Christian Dannemann isn’t the first person to create a successful business out of a hobby. His background in the automotive industry sparked a fascination...

HOT 100 2014: Daniel Williams, Profile PR

The hallmark of a great public relations professional is to achieve extraordinary success for their clients but never to claim a scintilla of the...

HOT 100 2014: Annette Allen, Source Watches

Last year marked a turning point for Annette Allen. After 15 years of designing watches for other people, she finally launched her own brand,...

HOT 100 2014: Giles Ellis, Schofield Watch Company

There is a tradition in Britain that when two drivers of clunky old Land Rovers pass each other, they flash their lights or wave....

HOT 100 2014: Patrick Sheehan, HS Walsh

HS Walsh is known throughout the trade for horological tools and equipment that only the most passionate watch geeks will ever use. But the company’s...

HOT 100 2014: Anish Bhatt, WatchAnish

The ease of web publishing tools has led to everyone and their dog running a blog, and the glamorous, addictive world of watches has...

HOT 100 2014: Zeina Dakak, Finch & Partners

“Our relentless pursuit of money and power has led to an epidemic of burnout and stress-related illnesses, and an erosion in the quality of...

Hot 100 2014: Angus Jenkins, DM London

Less is more for DM London’s digital supremo Angus Jenkins. In the constantly changing world of online watch sales, he has experimented with myriad...