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HOT 100 2013

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HOT 100 2013: Sophie Ellis, Sophie E Ellis

Central Saint Martins graduate Sophie Ellis was selected by IJL to exhibit as part of its Bright Young Gems new talent initiative this year....

HOT 100 2013: David Mason London

Cos Costas, Vass Vassiliou and Sol Solomonides, each name sounding like a musical echo, are the energetic, ebullient and cheekily irreverent trio that make...

HOT 100 2013: Simon Michlmayr, Meridian

Simon Michlmayr, founder of the newly launched watch brand Meridian, is a man on a mission. A mission to create a watch entirely in...

HOT 100 2013: Ned Du Maurier Browning, Du Maurier

He owns 11 guitars, writes kid’s poems that are “too scary”, gets on with everyone, represented Great Britain at fishing. He’s also Daphne Du Maurier’s...

HOT 100 2013: Glynn Barker, Axion

Dedication, they say, is what you need. Well, Glynn Barker has it is spades. At BaselWorld in 2011, clutching his hand-drawn designs, he spent...

HOT100 2013: Ian Elliot & Alex Brown, Elliot Brown

What, we ask everybody, has been your biggest hurdle this year? When it is Alex Brown of Elliot Brown’s turn to answer, he says...

HOT 100 2013: Lucy Hill, CMJ

Phew. Lucy Hill – as many of you probably know – is a force of nature. An effervescent presence as engaging as her hair...

HOT 100 2013: Jeremy Hobbins, School of Jewellery

This year the education of horology took a huge leap forward as the Birmingham School of Jewellery launched the first course for watchmaking that...

HOT 100 2013: Daniel Malins, London Watch Show

Daniel Malins has been in a Hot 100 publication before. But then he wasn’t one of the feted centurions, just a friendly face at...

HOT 100 2013: Gordon Bryan, BSoW

Gordon Bryan is the full-time aftersales service manager for Breitling. Creditable enough in itself, but in his spare time he has set up and...