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HOT 100 TRAILBLAZERS: Lucy Cheesewright, event director, Salon QP


Every year Salon QP is a labour of love for event director Lucy Cheesewright. “I never forget how I feel every year on the opening night, its 6pm and I announce the ‘go, go, go’ to open the doors,” she explains.

All the hard work is worth it though when Lucy hears the many success stories from brands. Lucy  understands the investment of trust, time and money exhibitors give to the show and makes sure clients needs are paramount to what she does. This results, as always, a mutual triumph.

Lucy comments: “I care a lot, perhaps too much sometimes. I think it’s served me incredibly well because when you care so much about what you are producing and it’s full of passion, it shines through in the results. Weirdly it’s something I would like to change too, as caring leads to worrying and I wouldn’t mind turning that bit down a little.”


Another passion for Lucy is singing. When she first moved to London she formed a covers band which she fronts. Covering everything from AC/DC to the Eurythmics, Lucy enjoys a good hair swoosh and therefore could not resist rocking out for her Hot 100 photoshoot.

“Gwen Stefani was my idol growing up as I am a singer and she is totally bad-ass – when she was with the band No Doubt she was a front woman in a man’s world and owned it – she used to do press ups on stage – so cool!”

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