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HOT 100 TRAILBLAZERS: Laura McCreddie, Larissa Trew & Jane Trew, Eve’s Watch


Larissa, Jane and Laura appear happy to mix their metaphors as the biblical story behind Eve’s Watch is brushed aside in favour of 1970s Charlie’s Angels for their Hot 100 profile photograph.

The all-female team is quick to point out that there is no Charlie at the end of the phone calling the shots. Eve’s Watch is a website entirely created by women, for women.

The idea, hatched two years ago, was simple enough: the watch world has been dominated for centuries by men and their watches and it was time women had their voices heard and their needs fulfilled.

“We’re not going to sit here and say we have single-handedly got people talking more about women’s watches but we like to think that we have brought that conversation to the fore and been a part of the increased media coverage of women’s watches,” they say.

“We’re all about getting watches back on women’s wrists, whether that means the latest fashion watch, smart watch or something more horological. We want women to think and talk about watches the same way they do about shoes, handbags or their latest fashion acquisition and we want to be a part of that dialogue.”

That dialogue is more and more conducted in the real world away from the web at a series of industry lunches. “The Women in Watches lunches have been an amazing extension of our core business values. As the name suggests, it was a way of getting together women that work in this industry over lunch. It allows people who wouldn’t otherwise meet to do so and serves as a reminder that the world of watches isn’t entirely run by men,” the team explains.

IMAGE: Kalory.co.uk



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