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HOT 100 TRAILBLAZERS: Karl Turnbull, director, Redd Europe


This year, Redd Europe is preparing for a trip to JCK Las Vegas to host its first ever exhibition stand, following a busy 12 months of growth and development with Director Karl Turnbull at the helm.

The company has generated new business in Sweden, Dubai and the Netherlands, and has also seen growth in Hong Kong. “I find travelling and growing international relationships a real challenge and it is very rewarding when you make those business breaks work,” Karl enthuses.

As a result, the company has recently formed the Redd Retail Group to encompass all international sites under one main umbrella.


Back in the UK, Redd played a major role in helping Peers Hardy to launch Henry London in 2015, designing and building their Baselworld booth and manufacturing over 3,000 displays, as well as helping to distribute them worldwide.

As business has ramped up, Redd’s workforce in the UK and China has also been expanded. “Good, quality, experienced and talented people are essential to help grow our company,” he explains.

This year Redd is planning to take its success, creative talent and service to the United States, with the aim of establishing Redd Retail USA. “Of course we understand that this will take time, resource and hard work, but we feel that this challenge will complete the Redd Retail Group,” Karl explains.

With a positive attitude that could not even be overcome by the leak that developed in the newly built basement of his bespoke home (now waterproofed and fitted with a Redd-designed and fitted bar), Turnbull is approaching these plans with determination.

“I’m completely optimistic and will always see the doughnut and not the hole!” he laughs.

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