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HOT 100 TRAILBLAZERS: Jody Jacobs, managing director, Brand Avenue


Jody Jacobs’ star just keeps shining brighter and brighter. At the time of going to print, his company, Brand Avenue, is the UK distributor for three watch brands: Beverly Hills Polo Club, Metal.CH and Panzera.

On top of this, the business has its own manufacturing facilities in the Far East, operates a network of over 200 flash sale and daily deal sites and acts as an agent to brands all across the world. Oh, and it also distributes an underwear brand and a luggage brand globally. How many plates can one man and his business spin at once? Rarely have so many irons been in so many fires.

Jacobs is very clear about the focus for the UK operation: “The aim of the company is to secure its positioning as a leader in cross-border international trade working closely with watch brands,” he declares.


As a naturally serious businessman, is it hard for Jacobs to switch off from the stresses of work? “Home/work life balance is a difficult one to get right. I try to be a businessman, boss and leader at work and a supporting husband and father at home. I try to be the same regarding manners and kindness in both environments despite having different roles.”

With so much going on, it could be said that the world simply isn’t big enough for Jody Jacobs. Having opened his Chinese office this year and signing an international Swiss watch brand as its Chinese distributor, Jacobs has gone about as far east as he can. Perhaps simple pleasures will help provide his stimulation next year. He particularly looks forward to “Seeing my three beautiful children grow and enjoy life.”

IMAGE: Kalory.co.uk

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