HOT 100 TRAILBLAZERS: Chloe & Jim Read, founders, Newgate Watches

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With one Newgate Watches founder having been ‘asked to leave’ art college in his late teens, and the other being a self-confessed risk taker, you know you’re looking at a progressive and exciting brand.

Together, Jim and Chloe Read make an unstoppable team. “Whatever we take on, we never stop until we’ve achieved it,” says Chloe, “and we’re not afraid to take chances, which means we’re always at the forefront of the market, leading trends and creating newness.”

Often working from their “second hub of creativity” – their renovated Georgian home – the couple have an innate desire to produce things that look great and add quality to people’s lives.

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“I’ve always been fascinated by how things look and work, and I think once you really start noticing the bad, the good and the great in design, you want, and need, to see more of the great. That’s the draw to keep on innovating,” Jim explains.

Since launching Newgate Watches 10 years ago, they have amassed a collection of more than 50 timepieces, as well as clocks, stocked in a growing number of independent stores across the UK. Having recently negotiated sales agreements in the US, the Newgate brand is also soon to head across the Pond.

“It’s always a great buzz seeing people wearing our products,” says Chloe. “Our watch owners always tell us how many compliments they receive when they wear one of our watches – I’m very proud that we have created a range that evokes such a reaction.”

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