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HOT 100 RETAIL TITANS:William Asprey,William & Son


William Asprey is a seventh generation member of the Asprey family, a name more steeped in luxury retail than any other in the British Isles.

However William & Son, founded just 16 years ago in 1999, conspicuously doesn’t carry the family name, but its DNA courses through the business.

It has been a huge year for William & Son with the relocation of its flagship store to an 8,600 square foot boutique department store in Mayfair’s Bruton Street that only opened in June. “It is still early days but the new building has certainly raised our profile and enabled us to display our products in a much better way, which is what luxury goods need. It also confirms our commitment to luxury retail and will make sure that we continue to be recognised as a truly British luxury store,” William explains.


The relocation to Bruton Street is not without risk, William admits. “The move is a real game changer and a major investment that needs to be successful, so the future could be difficult if we do not make the sales,” he says with a wry grimace.

William is living and breathing business right now, which is why we could not winkle him out of the store for his profile picture, even though he loves fishing and shooting to relax. But why would you want to be anywhere else than surrounded by the finest Swiss watches and British luxury goods? “It is my creation and my life!” he proclaims.

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