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HOT 100 RETAIL TITANS: Tony Williams, Parkhouse


Tony Watkins has had a year that almost no-one in this esteemed list can compete with. Not only has he been a key figurehead in the Parkhouse Cardiff team, which has delivered unprecedented growth in its own family range of diamonds and jewellery, but he also stared prostate cancer in the face and came out the other side.

“Once diagnosed I was given a long course of gruelling radiotherapy and with the support of my family, friends and work colleagues I am now back at work and enjoying life to the full.”

And why wouldn’t Watkins enjoy life? He lives in rural south Wales and manages to sneak out for lunchtime strolls in the grounds of Cardiff Castle (as his Hot 100 picture suggests). The Big Smoke, this is not.


Professionally, as well as the success of the Michael Laing-inspired Family Collection, Parkhouse has also made huge strides with its online presence. “As a team we have continued to work with social media at a local level to encourage and grow new markets within Wales and attract new customers,” he says. “Digital presence is so important and engaging the whole team in every aspect of the business is critical for continued growth.”

The one benefit of Watkins’ brush with cancer is that it has made him appreciate all the good things that he has to enjoy in life, including a happy home life. “I try to keep my work and home life separate but my wife has always supported me when necessary. I believe that I am no different at home than I am in work. I try to conduct myself in a happy and forthright manner, enjoying everyone’s company.” Everyone certainly enjoys his.

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