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HOT 100 RETAIL TITANS: Paul Allison, GM, Marcus


Paul Allison has had his work cut out for him since transferring from the Hublot boutique on London’s New Bond Street, moving slightly further up the street to watch emporium Marcus. However, it seems this troubleshooting store manager is thriving.

“I was previously manager in the Hublot boutique, which is also owned by Marcus [former Hot 100 alumni Marcus Margulies], and had been very successful there so when the previous manager left Marcus I was asked to step in,” explains Paul. “At the time a few people left so I have had the unique chance to set up my own team.”

In shaping Marcus to his own vision with a cherry-picked staff to assist him, he has succeeded in buoying footfall, boosting sales and bolstering profits, not to mention tempting back customers who hadn’t engaged with the store for some time.


So what is his secret? It’s simple, he says. “Customer service in the luxury industry is not a need, but a must.”

With the books looking a lot brighter since his efforts to clean house, the way has been paved for lots more positive news to report in the near future, including plans for a refurbishment that will bring the store up to date. “I hope that sales will increase dramatically as we attract more customers that we can have close, growing relationships with,” says Paul who, as well as being a watch buff and father of two, is a Marvel comic enthusiast and amateur scriptwriter.

Dashing in to cries for help, turning bad to good in record time and delivering promises of a brighter future; looks like Marcus has found its own retail superhero. Now all we need is a script for a big-budget comic-inspired blockbuster…

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