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HOT 100 RETAIL TITANS: Kyron Keogh and Grant Mitchell, directors, ROX


Keep your base formula simple. That’s the mantra that has shaped retailer ROX’s thinking from the moment it launched, and it has proved to be a wise one.

“When we started ROX, we wanted to create a shopping experience that was welcoming, exciting and, above all else, thrilling. We coined the phrase ‘Diamonds and Thrills’ and that’s what we do,” remarks Kyron Keogh, who runs the business alongside fellow director Grant Mitchell.

The pair, who have been friends since they were teenagers and used to sail together on the west coast of Scotland – hence the reason to return to the banks of Loch Lomond for their Hot 100 shoot – place significant focus on their inspiring and unique jewellery collections that are designed in Scotland by the company’s in-house design team.


But arguably their biggest achievement of the past year was the launch of Audemars Piguet within their flagship boutique store in Glasgow. It’s no exaggeration to describe it as the move that truly marked their arrival in the luxury watch sector.

“Audemars Piguet is one of the most prestigious and sought-after watch brands in the world,” says Grant. “We’ve been discussing this exciting partnership with Audemars Piguet for several years so, to be the chosen retailer of the brand at our Argyll Arcade boutique, is one of ROX’s biggest moments. Audemars Piguet is such an authority in watchmaking and our partnership continues to bring with it exciting opportunities.”

The ROX founders are inspired to build on what they have created in the watch segment by growing their existing luxury watch portfolio and they remain on the look-out for exciting luxury brands that fit with their philosophy and values. The market’s leading watch producers will no doubt be eyeing them up too – particularly with the news that they are looking to enlarge their store footprint south of the border.

“We have plans to expand regionally by opening more stores in England,” reveals Kyron. “As strong regional players in our existing locations, we feel we have the ingredients to continue the success in more locations.” You certainly wouldn’t bet against it.

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