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HOT 100 PREMIER BUYERS: Nick Bucknell and Bruce Andrews, watch and branded jewellery buyers, Beaverbrooks


Alongside continued business success, Nick Bucknell’s biggest achievement in 2015 was his marriage to loving wife Steph. For fellow Beaverbrooks Buyer Bruce Andrews, meanwhile, it was his survival of these wedding celebrations, relatively unscathed.

“I was actually away and missed the stag weekend, which was probably a blessing!” he laughs.

A sociable and outgoing duo, Nick and Bruce have found their people skills invaluable in building strong relationships with their partners. “For us, everything is about collaboration to ensure we’re providing the best products and service, as well as delivering exceptional customer experiences,” Bruce affirms.

They also attribute much of their success to the lessons they have learned from others. Bruce sees his parents as his biggest influencers, while Nick draws inspiration from a wide variety of people for a similarly wide range of reasons. “I always try to appreciate and recognise the strengths of people I admire, and then learn from them where I can for my own personal development,” he says.

Above all, Bruce and Nick ensure they are always in a position to react quickly to change and make the most of market conditions. This is achieved through close monitoring of product and brand trends on a daily basis.
For the year ahead, it’s all about maintaining this focus and keeping things simple. “We’re always looking to improve, but this will be through sustainable growth and continued business development with existing, new and future brand partners,” Nick explains.



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