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HOT 100 PREMIER BUYERS: Erica Redgrave, buyer, Watch Gallery


Not only has Erica Redgrave been promoted to buyer at the Watch Gallery this year, she has successfully been juggling her new position with covering another designer buyer’s maternity leave.

Working two jobs at once would wear some people to the ground, but Redgrave has been fuelled by the creative side of her job that has led to the Watch Gallery partnering with brands such as Olivia Burton and Sekonda to develop exclusives that have triumphed for ASOS, Topshop and Selfridges.

Erica prides herself on being able to predict best sellers and new trends, and she has the drive and confidence to see projects through until to end. These are traits that have served her best in her new role looking after fine watches for Selfridges, Topshop, ASOS and John Lewis, alongside prioritising work and paying close attention to detail.


During this season of working two jobs, Erica has had to learn to delegate more, something she says doesn’t come easily but she is working hard on passing more work to others. When asked what else she has learnt in the past 12 months, Erica says: “No matter how much you care, some decisions/circumstances are out of your hands so don’t get frustrated, move your energies onto something else and make a success there.”

Outside of work Redgrave’s sister is her rock and the person she says she admires the most. “My older sister Stella always tries her best and is successful in whatever she does, whether it’s in her career, her role as a mum, sister or daughter, she is top of her game. We speak all the time so I discuss my career decisions with her and she gives the best advice.”

Looking ahead to next year Erica hopes to make a success of the new stores she has taken on.

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