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HOT 100 POWER PLAYERS: Terry Markham, senior buyer and online merchandiser, Watchshop


Last year Terry Markham was honoured by Aurum Holdings with a Directors’ Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution’ to Watchshop.

“With the collective praise of both Sham and Kishore Naib, and the senior team at Aurum, it felt incredible to receive this, as I know the hard work that a number of long serving members have put in to the business,” he recalls.
Watchshop founders Sham and Kishore Naib are two of the most admirable people Markham knows. Having both worked seven days a week for over a decade to bring Watchshop to life, their never-ending drive and passion inspires Terry to be successful too.

Joining Aurum – when it acquired Watchshop – has been a learning process for Terry, but it is one he describes as “fantastic”. He explains: “Working in partnership with the teams in Leicester and London has led to a multitude of new ideas that have helped us drive our business forward, both on Watchshop and The Watch Hut. The year ahead is a very interesting proposition for retailers, both traditional and internet, and the consumer’s approach to shopping is changing. The most important thing we have to remember is to never lose sight of the needs and wants of our consumers.”


Over the last 12 months Watchshop has been evolving to add jewellery to the business alongside watches. In addition, Terry’s team has expanded a lot recently and has worked together with the brands to accelerate the pace of sales.

Out of work he enjoys powerlifting and has even broken the UK record deadlift in his weight class and federation. Now Terry focuses on mobility and agility to sustainably improve his overall strength, using Olympic lifts. As he aims to improve his shape and health he headed to the gym for his Hot 100 profile where the team at Kalory has captured him boxing.

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