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HOT 100: Paul Halliday & Paul Harry, Peers Hardy


The two Pauls of Peers Hardy, Paul Halliday and Paul Harry, (a bit of a tongue twister there) first met each other whilst working at Seiko many years ago and were reunited this year when Halliday jumped ship from Accurist.

“It felt like an immediate perfect fit,” says Halliday of rejoining Harry and his other ex-Seiko friends Emma Hutchinson and Stuart Kenrick at Peers Hardy.

He arrives at an exciting time for the group, which has been busy taking on new brands and licences and plans to ramp up its global presence as part of a strategic five-year growth plan.

It is a future that Halliday is excited about. “I would like to see the brands that Peers Hardy Group creates, distributes and licenses taken to a wider audience, whilst maintaining each individual brand’s identity and integrity within our retailer partners,” he says. “We have such a wide and varied complementary portfolio, this task will be a pleasure to undertake, develop and nurture.”

And with this close-knit group of friends driving the business forward, you can imagine that there will plenty of time for both work and play.



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