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HOT 100 BRAND CHAMPIONS:Steve Sun & Anna Lee,Storm


Resting on their laurels is the polar opposite of Steve Sun and Anna Lee’s philosophy on business and life. Whether it’s pushing boundaries with Storm London or Steve’s attempts at becoming the new Heston Blumenthal (“combining ingredients that one would least expect to see together”), these two just can’t sit still.

After achieving remarkable success in the 25 years since they established the brand in Britain, they have spent a lot of the last year taking key European markets by storm (pun intended), and have already seen above-expectation results in Germany and France.

But numbers only mean so much to Sun and Lee, and it’s actually meeting big Storm London fans that puts a real smile on their faces. “We discovered our top storm fan has over 300 Storm watches in his personal collection and is from Germany.”

The Storm fanatics out there are not just limited to mainland Europe. Indeed, Sun and Lee enjoyed a particularly serendipitous experience just a few weeks ago. “We were in the Seychelles together and met a property developer that resides there. We were introduced to her as being business people from London and when she asked us what we do we told her that we sell watches. She happened to be wearing a watch from our latest collection; that was one of those proud moments!”

After launching its first tourbillon this year, one of the big challenges for Storm London in the coming 12 months will be to cater for a broader demographic. “We hope to widen our consumer base through entering a new luxury segment, as demonstrated through our tourbillon watches,” the couple declare. Life in the fast lane never stops.



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