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HOT 100 BRAND CHAMPIONS: Time Products team


Narendra Adatia, Trevor Kirkpatrick, Trevor James, Gus Webbe and David Merriman, Time Products.

In today’s cynical world, the idea of a company being akin to a happy family is almost incomprehensible. Most modern businesses have their own factions, cliques and office politics to deal with.

Time Products swims against the conventional tide, however, with a workforce that is motivated, united and (shock-horror) happy.


Keeping this contented ship cruising at full throttle is not down to just one person, but instead an A-team of individuals who are all singing off the same hymn sheet.

Enter Narendra Adatia, Trevor Kirkpatrick, Trevor James, Gus Webbe and David Merriman. They may bear no physical resemblance to Mr T, but their tireless work and dedication in their respective roles is second-to-none.

The past year for Time Products has seen the acquisition of watch behemoth, Accurist, and the logistical headaches that have arisen from incorporating the brand into its hugely impressive Leicester HQ.

Naturally, the Time Products team took it all in their stride, and they proudly report on the “successful integration of Accurist into the business and the growth that we have seen from the brand.”

When they’re not running one of the most successful watch companies in the country, the team has a diverse range of interests outside of work. “Interests among the staff vary from Indian religion and philosophy to sailing, and from English medieval history to making cupcakes,” they say.

Time Products has also been basking in the glow of positivity that the whole city of Leicester has been enjoying in light of the football club’s successful first season in the Premier League. “Leicester City Football Club, for whom Sekonda is a timing partner, is the subject of many conversations and we are delighted that they remain in the Premiership for 2015/16,” enthuses the team.

Much like Leicester FC, Time Products will be looking to build on a very strong year and deliver even better results in the next twelve months. All signs look positive according to the team.

“We expect this year to be good for the watch industry in general in the UK following the uncertainty of the election. High street retailers, both those who are dedicated to watches and jewellery and those who have an extended product range, are refining their offering to suit customer needs. In travel retail, business is growing as more and more people travel.”

Expect the Time Products juggernaut to roll on and on in its own efficient and understated way.

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