HOT 100 BRAND CHAMPIONS: Terry Andrews, brand director, Boss Watches


Terry Andrews has always trusted his intuition, especially when it comes to business, and it seems that his faith is well placed – Hugo Boss moved up two places to become the 13th biggest brand in the UK in 2015, with a growth of 37%.

What’s more, this achievement comes at a time when many brands are suffering market contraction. “The old adage that if you’re not moving forward then you’re going backwards has never been truer in the last 12 months,” Andrews affirms. “With the slowdown in the global market and reduction of visitors to the UK it is vital that we continue to meet consumers’ needs and expectations. We are working hard to ensure the end consumer is at the centre of everything we do at MGS.”

With this in mind, the brand has been working behind the scenes with its key retail partners on a relaunch of the Hugo Boss ladies’ collection, planned for this year. A partnership with a global tech provider is in the pipeline, to develop a cutting-edge new product, and the team is also looking to introduce designer watch brand Movado to the UK market following huge success in the USA.


So, for motorcyclist Andrews it’s ‘fists to the wind’ for an increasingly positive future (as well as plenty more road trips on his dependable steed) – with an intuitive and very determined eye on a top 10 spot in the UK brand list.

IMAGE: Kalory.co.uk

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