HOT 100 BRAND CHAMPIONS: Steve Ramsey, Liam McAllister and Duncan Harris, Bulova


Bulova hit the headlines this year when the only privately-owned Bulova chronograph watch to be worn on the moon—by Apollo 15’s Colonel Dave Scott in 1971—was snapped up for a record $1.625m (£1.16m) at a recent auction.

Closer to Earth, the brand has been making inter-galatic strides in the UK market as it bids to wow watch-lovers with one of the most compelling product ranges in the business.

The ‘work-hard play-hard’ culture that epitomises life at the regional operations of iconic American watch brand Bulova serves as the inspiration for this striking Hot 100 photo shoot featuring the company’s Steve Ramsay, Liam McAllister and Duncan Harris. They are an intrinsic part of a close-knit UK and European team striving to exceed expectations.

For Steve, who took over as managing director EMEA in September last year, there is always one eye on the bigger picture as success in the watch industry boils down to making progress one step at a time. “We understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day and that patience does eventually pay off,” he says. “We have secured some super distribution gains in throughout Europe in 2016 on the back of our ongoing success and exciting product developments with the Moon Watch and Bulova CURV – launching in September.”

Looking forward, he says the business is in a great position to build on the foundations it has laid down – and there is analytical evidence to bear that out. “Our recent European consumer research study has confirmed that our brand and market assumptions have been correct and that our growth plans are well on track. The research also highlighted a few pleasant surprises and together confirms that we can grow our brand awareness and market share to become a major player in our key European markets over the next two years.”

IMAGE: Kalory.co.uk



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