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Simon doesn’t refer to himself as Wolf Man, but that is how he describes his male customers (females are called Wolf Women). The label may be a little unflattering, but alludes to a business strategy of carefully targeting potential clients with marketing that chimes with their needs.

“By honing in on who they are we have been able to build a brand awareness campaign that includes adverts, print, email, stand graphics and social media interactions that connect our products and the brand to our consumer. This is no mean feat as our product is not worn on a wrist, held at a cocktail party or driven to the gym,” he describes.

Wolf’s watch winders and other accessories may not be loved as much as the watches they protect, but they certainly are popular with retailers who build customer loyalty and ongoing engagement with post-watch sale add-ons.


2015 has been a breakthrough year for Wolf thanks to its first appearance at Baselworld, where Simon met over 200 retailers, agents and distributors from over 50 countries. “Baselworld demonstrated that WOLF has arrived. It was apparent that the brand was known and sought after,” he says.

Simon is enjoying huge success with Wolf in the UK with over 100 new accounts opened, but he can’t stop his mind drifting back to Venice Beach in California where he lived in the 1990s. He and his wife Fiona love the outdoors, and freedom to travel. “Growing up in cold, blustery England as a kid there were three things I dreamt of: the ocean, the beach and palm trees. I have those things around me all the time when I am in my LA office. The campervan (Elsa) is a symbol of freedom, we should all be free to come and go, travel and see what’s out there,” he dreams.

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