HOT 100 BRAND CHAMPIONS: John Seggie, Matt Aldridge, Stephen Todd & Eddie Harber, Bering


In November Steve Todd became the first Bering employee in Europe to launch a dedicated Bering kiosk with one of the businesses’ top customers. The success went on to proof that Bering works as a stand-alone brand and more kiosks have now been confirmed for the future.

For the team, this is one of their greatest business achievements over the past 12 months. Talking about lessons learned this year, Steve comments: “ I have learned the art of patience and timing. That sometimes there are times to be quiet and listen, rather than to talk. Moving forward this will give me a much clearer picture of what somebody really needs from me, and will continue to grow the relationships that I have already built.”

In the next few years the team want to enjoy a more involved role within the industry, have greater influence on key decisions and make a real difference to the stores they deals with.


“When I joined Bering it was a brand that no one had heard of. Four years later, myself and the team at Bering have grown this brand to become a household name available through 350 doors and in some of the best known independent retailers in the UK,” Steve says proudly.

To mark the brands growth the Bering boys headed to Greenwich for a photo shoot overlooking the National Maritime Museum – home of GMT.

IMAGE: Kalory.co.uk

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