HOT 100 BRAND CHAMPIONS: Jim Clawley, Country Manager, Dartmouth Brands


Coming from a sporting background, with a passion for tennis, running and cycling (but a dislike of being photographed in Lycra), Jim Clawley is a determined competitor in the watch market. “You always encounter failure in business to some extent; but it’s your ability to dust yourself off and refuse to give up that’s important,” he says.

And this gritty approach is certainly paying off for Dartmouth Brands, which has achieved an increased presence of AVI-8 watches in the UK market and launched its Nuband wearable tech to global distribution during the past 12 months.

When reaching for such big business goals, Jim deems self-belief to be crucial: “I think when building a brand there is a tendency to go for the low-hanging fruit, and sometimes that’s not the right fruit. You have to trust your instincts, and in the experience you have gained, both good and bad, in order to make the right call – especially when launching a new brand. Don’t take shortcuts if your initial objective is not met straight away; take your small victories and build upon them.”


Looking to the year ahead, Jim says that his key objectives are the launch and growth of AVI-8 in all of the company’s key retail targets, and the development of Dartmouth Brands into a strong branded watch distributor with a reputation for great product and exceptional service.

But, as a family man, enjoyment of both work and home-life is also on the agenda. “That’s probably the most important thing for me,” he affirms.

IMAGE: Kalory.co.uk

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