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HOT 100 BRAND CHAMPIONS: Ian Latham, Bering


Nobody can fault Ian Latham’s dedication to the job, although his wife does have a thing or two to say about it. “Gilly has banned me from using my mobile phone and tablet when I arrive home from work,” he explains. “I have found myself making excuses to leave the room because I simply can’t wait to answer work calls and emails. ‘Would you like another glass of wine?’ seems to work.”

The reason Latham has been so handy with the wine bottle of late is that over the past year he has been charged with the enormous task of setting up a UK office for Danish watch brand Bering.

This monumental milestone has, at times, been all consuming but Latham believes it will be worth the strife, vowing it will revolutionise the service Bering UK can offer. “We have been able to centralise our accounts, sales support and service centre to provide even better service for our increasing number of UK customers,” he says.


This increased focus on the UK market is already having a positive effect; sales are flying and, as a result, marketing budgets are expanding, allowing the team to lay the groundwork for even more expansion in times to come.

While his work is all about looking to the future, off-duty Latham is more focused on the past. The proud Manucinuan and Manchester United fan is a keen genealogist and has traced his family tree all the way back to 1750. While his descendants “appear to have spent their entire working lives in a two-square-mile area just north of Piccadilly station”, Latham now lives in Yorkshire but its fair to say his heart still belongs to Manchester.

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