HOT 100 BRAND CHAMPIONS: Gioia Placuzzi, marketing and communications director, Sicis UK


A self-confessed extrovert, Gioia Placuzzi loves nothing better than forging business relationships and participating in group activities. “For me, social interactions are a source of positive emotions; pure energy,” she says.

A supremely loyal person, she is also a determined perfectionist. “Like all Italians I am very passionate in what I am doing, so if things don’t go perfectly as planned I can be a real pain for my team!” he laughs.

Luckily, things did go perfectly at the recent opening of the brand new Sicis London boutique in Mayfair, and she is hugely proud of this achievement. “We decided to shoot the Hot 100 photos in the boutique as it was the perfect location to really represent my world. We opted for the first floor ‘silver living room’, which is covered in silver mosaic tiles, from the walls to the ceiling, and were even able to shoot in a rare and beautiful moment of sun in London!”


Gioia’s year has been much taken up with real estate. Not only was she engaged in finding suitable premises for the London boutique, a new building in New York City was also on the cards. “We already had a showroom in Soho, but our new building, located on Fifth Avenue, will soon welcome the whole Sicis portfolio, especially fine jewellery and watches in micro mosaic with precious stones,” she explains.

Over the next five years, Gioia plans to grow Sicis’s jewellery and watch business, building on the company’s status as a groundbreaking micro mosaic atelier.

“Having developed and honed the small mosaic technique over the past 10 years, creating tesserae in gold and palladium among other materials, we have set up a true school of mosaic masters. Most of our pieces are unique or very limited edition, and they are works of art. Therefore we are planning a very special business strategy.”

When asked who she admires most, Placuzzi answers confidently: “Definitely my father. He has created patents, studied and created Sicis from nothing. I admire him for his tenacity and intelligence, but also for being a leader whom people follow because he thrills and engages them with passion.”

IMAGE: Kalory.co.uk

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