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HOT 100 BRAND CHAMPIONS: Daniel & Richard McNutt, co-founders, Apex Luxury Brand Management


Daniel McNutt, formerly of LVMH, and his brother Richard founded Apex Luxury just last year, but they’ve wasted no time in establishing themselves as key players in the market.

“We both felt the time was right to launch Apex Luxury,” says Daniel. “Our first significant step was to sign quality brands, which we did with Louis Erard and CLERC, both well-established names with huge potential for the UK market. From there we’ve been really pleased with the momentum we have built, working with some of the UK’s leading retailers.”

As the brothers were well aware, running a new business requires commitment and sacrifice, and therefore certain adjustments have been necessary in both their work and home lives. Richard, for example, returned to the north of England having been living Portofino, Italy.


“I’m a big believer that balancing personal and business life is crucial for long-term success,” adds Daniel.

Growing up in their home town of Chester, Daniel and Richard were taught that anything can be achieved with hard work and focus – a lesson that has proved invaluable in their adult lives. “Everyone in business knows the importance of being confident in your vision,” Daniel affirms, “but equally important is the ability and willingness to work with people in partnership – to be flexible and find ways to move towards shared goals. This is something we’ve both learned throughout our very different careers.”

The brothers therefore have huge admiration for other business owners – especially those who have overcome adversity. “Being an independent business these days brings plenty of challenges, and success often comes from applying what you have learned from other people’s successes and failures.”

In the short-term future, Daniel and Richard’s focus will be set firmly on developing Louis Erard and CLERC in the UK market, but portfolio expansion is, of course, also on the agenda for the longer term.

“Our advice to ourselves for the year ahead is to keep pushing forward, because if you’re not going forward you’re going backwards!” Daniel smiles.


IMAGE: Kalory.co.uk

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