HOT 100 BRAND CHAMPIONS: Claudia & Giuseppe Ferreira Ferro, co-founders, Argento Fine Products

Claudia and Guiseppe Ferro, co-owners of Argento Fine Products.

As Claudia and Giuseppe Ferro have discovered since founding Argento Fine Products in 1990, anything and everything is possible in business. “We have learned never to be surprised!” Claudia laughs.

Operating with passion, drive and integrity, the couple have learned a lot from those around them. “Everyone has something good to give,” Giuseppe affirms.

Pictured here in Mosimann’s Private Club in Belgravia, which has witnessed many of their business activities and achievements over the past 15 years, Claudia and Giuseppe have achieved significant growth in distribution over the past 12 months. “After all, as someone once said, if you don’t get bigger, you get smaller!” Claudia asserts.

Alpina, one of the four family-owned watch brands that make up the core of the Argento Fine Products business – the others being Dietrich, Frederique Constant and Giuliano Mazzuoli – is a key example of this success. The brand hit the news at the end of 2015 when it was revealed that Harrods would be stocking the Alpina Flyback Chronograph and the Horological Smartwatch just in time for Christmas.

Looking ahead, plans for the next few years are centred on consolidation of distribution. “We want to bring the brands up to achieve their real potential,” says Giuseppe.

And despite getting ‘less young’ (in Giuseppe’s words), their unwavering focus on reaching the top continues to be demonstrated through their love of rock climbing. Clearly, no mountain is too high for this determined couple.

IMAGE: Kalory.co.uk



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